Q: Do I/my child need a professional portfolio to join CAS Talent Agency?
A: It’s not essential to have professional photos upon application, however we do recommend you get them once accepted onto the agency. We will not publish you/your child to the website without appropriate photos. We can arrange a photoshoot with a recommended photographer at an affordable rate if required.

Q: Do I/my child have to be a certain age or height to be accepted to the agency?
A: No, we accept children of all ages and welcome all backgrounds, shapes and sizes.

Q: Do I/my child have to be on Spotlight once accepted onto the agency?
A: It is preferred that all talent we represent are on Spotlight. This platform offers many opportunities as a casting platform for agents to submit their talent for work. Being with a young performers agency will help you get a profile on Spotlight. For more information please see SPOTLIGHT MEMBERSHIP.

Q: Can I/my child register with other agencies?
A: It is preferred that our talent is represented on an exclusive basis. If talent already has non-exclusive representation when applying to us we will of course still consider your application on a non-exclusive basis and add this into our contract as a special stipulation. Exclusive representation will enhance the profile of our children and young performers by avoiding the confusion of multiple agencies. In addition, we can personalise our approach to offer more opportunities.

Q: Do I/my child require a performance licence to work?
A: Performance licences are only required for talent of school age (i.e. children who have not yet taken their G.C.S.E’s). Talent no longer in secondary school education that have taken their G.C.S.E exams will not need a performance licence. We can provide the relevant information to the local council on behalf of the parent, including the legal requirement to list all previous jobs in the last 12 months, for more information on performance licences see LICENCE INFO.

Q: Do I/my child require a passport?
A: A valid passport is worth having, you will always need at least 6 months before expiry, as not all projects are filmed in the UK. You will be informed if a project is being filmed abroad. If the project is for talent under the age of 18 and being filmed abroad, a parent will be required to attend - chaperone fees are paid to the parents who travel with their children. In this case, parents should also have valid passports. Projects for talent aged 18 and over, parents will not be required to attend.

Q: If a project is being filmed abroad, will we have to cover the cost of flights and accommodation?
A: Talent is not required to pay for flights and accommodation if a project is confirmed abroad. Clients will pay for flights, accommodation, transport, food and drink etc.

Q: What happens after an application has been submitted to join the agency?
A: Once we have received your application it will be reviewed and assessed. We as an agency are very selective with the children we take onto our books. We will contact you within 15 working days if you have been successful. At this point we will let you know the next steps to joining us.

Q: Does the agency charge any fees and how does this work?
A: We do not charge a registration fee for our agency but we do take commission on the jobs you book. We take 20% commission from all work booked.

Q: How do I/my child get booked onto jobs?
A: We will put you/your child forward for any brief that you’re suitable for. We receive briefs via casting platforms, direct from clients and brands. See CASTING PROCESS for more info.

Q: What are the guarantees of myself/my child getting work?
A: Unfortunately we cannot guarantee work. No agency can! We will however always work hard on bringing in opportunities for our talent.

Q: What if I/my child is not available to attend a casting?
A: We will assume you’re available for castings unless told otherwise. It is vital that all talent keep us informed of their availability and any dates they’re unavailable. You will have your own personal calendar that you can keep updated and It is important you do so in good time. If this is not kept updated, we may risk disappointing clients.

Q: How do I/my child get paid from a job?
A: After you have completed a job, we will invoice the client within 10 days. Our invoice terms to clients is 30 days but it’s public knowledge within our industry, some clients can take up to 90 days to pay - they may have different payment terms to us. We will of course endeavour to chase payments as soon as our invoices are overdue and will notify you as soon as we receive payment. We pay our talent within 10 days of receiving cleared funds from the clients. We will make payment via direct bank transfer directly to the talent. It is vital that if you’re the parent acting on behalf of your child, you start an account for them in their name. Any other questions or queries, please feel free to contact us.

Any other questions or queries, please feel free to contact us.