Licence Info

If a child of school age or below is involved in performance activities, they must have an individual performance licence or be covered by a Body of Person Approval and be chaperoned at all times.

Performance activities include:

  • theatre or television, such as acting in films and commercials
  • paid or professional sport
  • modelling

If correct information has been supplied, it can take up to 21 days to process an application. Each council will vary and has their own rules, some with a minimum of a 5-day turnaround.


The person responsible for the production needs to apply for a performance licence, however we do provide a service of processing applications for a small fee. If you do require our service it is advised that you call us at the earliest opportunity, please be mindful to allow as much time as possible for all the paperwork to be processed. For more information, please contact us.

For more information, view the government website here.


If your child is of school age and below, they will require a licence to work. This is per job they partake in. You as a parent will not need to apply for the licence. Us as your child’s agent or the clients will be responsible for the licence. When we take your child on, we will request a selection of information and documentation that is required to apply for a licence.

If your child is 16+ and completed their G.C.S.E’s they will not require a licence and are permitted to work.